Encargopaq, acting under the corporate name Garantías Múltiples, SRL (GAMUSA) with National Taxpayer Number (RNC, for its acronym in Spanish) 1-30-41464-5 offers the following services under the following terms and conditions described below; If you do not agree, please do not register.


The client must check the goods upon their receipt. In the event of any package anomaly, the client has up to 72 hours to file a claim by completing a claim form and enclosing a copy of the paid invoice, the purchase invoice of the item and the original bank statement stamped from where the purchase was made along with a photo to validate the damage. Thereupon, Encargopaq will process the claim and investigate the conditions in which the goods were received and packaged. A credit note will be issued as reimbursement for the amount paid and the goods value.

Dangerous goods

The client understands and agrees that Encargopaq may refuse to ship, due to safety reasons, any kind of material effect or product that will be deemed as unacceptable by the local and/or international authorities. Therefore, it reserves the right to check all or part of the packaging received at their local or foreign offices, addressed under the client’s name.

Seizure of packages

The correspondence and packages that are not collected by the clients within three (3) months as of the date of receipt of said packages in our warehouses shall be subject of seizure and shall be considered as abandoned by the client, whereby authorizing Encargopaq to dispose said correspondences or packages as deemed convenient.

Limitation of liability

Encargopaq assumes no liabilities regarding the quality, quantity, brand or any other aspect of the goods or services acquired or obtained by the client to be shipped through our service. Any claim or dispute shall be resolved directly with the seller or commercial establishment where the client obtained the goods or services. Any claims for goods or services acquired through www.ebay.com will not be accepted. We reserve the right to detain any goods suspected of, or identified as being acquired through fraudulent or illegal transactions. The information obtained in these cases will be sent to the local and international authorities that monitor and fight online fraud. Encargopaq’s liability regarding any shipped packaged shall be limited to its monetary value. Encargopaq reserves the right to retain or return to the vendor any package that comes from an illicit or fraudulent purchase.

Updating client data

The client is responsible for the information provided in the registry form for contracting the service, and as such, assumes the obligation of notifying Encargopaq of any change regarding his/her personal information. It is the obligation of the client to report any identity problem or loss of personal documentation that may affect or put at risk the safety and suitability of the service.

Acknowledgment of applicable law

The parties agree that this agreement and the shipping service provided by Encargopaq are governed by several regulations, such as: the custom’s legislation, the sanitation laws and other provisions applicable to the service, whether imposed by the local or international authorities. This agreement shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the Dominican Republic.