Encargopaq, acting under the corporate name Garantías Múltiples, SRL (GAMUSA) RNC 1- 30- 41464-5, offers the following services under the terms and conditions described below. If you do not agree, please do not register.


At the moment of receiving the goods, the client must review them, in case of irregularity with the package the client has a period of up to 24 hours to start the claim process, sending an email to servicios@encargogroup.com. Once the client opens the claim, Encargopaq processes it to investigate the case and determine where was the situation presented and depending on the conclusion, it will proceed to make a credit note, when it is determined that Encargopaq has absolute responsibility. We will only issue credit notes to be used in future shipments.

Dangerous, Prohibited and Restricted Goods.

Be understood as objects, products, goods that due to their particularities or function are prohibited or restricted to enter or leave a country (import or export), which must comply with the requirements established in the legal regulations, processes and procedures of each country. Among the goods restricted in the Dominican Republic Can be mentioned:
- Imports of merchandise of animal and vegetable origin (live or dead animals, plants) restricted and subject to the presentation of phytosanitary or zoosanitary, -Foods -Antiques, Works of Art
- Firearms, their parts and ammunition, explosives, which must have the permission of Interior and police
- Cosmetics
-The import of communications equipment, for which it is necessary to present the authorization of the competent communications entity, be it for radio transmission equipment, positioning system (GPS) receivers, antennas and satellite receiving stations.
-The entry and exit of currencies and values
-Drugs, Narcotics or psychotropic substances that must have no objection from the Directorate of Drugs and Pharmacies of the Ministry of Public Health -Products subject to reservation among othersThe importer is responsible for submitting the permits required by the competent authorities for the release of their product, in case of not having the corresponding permit Encargopaq reserves the right to manage them.
- The client understands and accepts that Encargopaq may refuse to transport, for security reasons, any type of material effect or product that it understands will not be accepted, by local and / or international authorities. Therefore, they reserve the right to review all or part of the parcel that they receive in their local offices or abroad, that comes in the client's name.

Confiscation of parcels

The correspondence and parcels that are not withdrawn by the clients in a period of three (3) months; counted from the receipt of such package in the stores of Encargopaq, will be subject to confiscation, and it will be understood that they have been abandoned by the client, for which authorizes Encargopaq to have such correspondence or parcel in the way it deems appropriate.

TV’s Boarding policy.

Due to the high risk involved in the management of the TV, each shipment must be properly insured, covering the client these costs. Encargopaq will notify the client for these purposes. The details are the following:
* Service Will be optional
* Insurance Cost: 0.40% of item value (Minimum USD 40.00 per shipment per customer)
* Cargo must be properly packaged, otherwise, additional charges would apply.
* Prior authorization is necessary to embark In the event that the client decides to take the risk of embarking the TV without insurance, the client releases Encargopaq of all responsibility for damages caused in transport to Dominican Republic, waiving any claim or compensation.
* We are not responsible for damages in case of not insuring your merchandise.

Dispatch policies.

Encargopaq reserves the right not to dispatch or deliver packages to customers if they have outstanding accounts to pay for previous services, and each client is obliged to withdraw all packages available to him at the time of requesting the delivery. We do not make partial deliveries. If you do not have the total amount to withdraw all the cargo, you must remove the oldest ones first.

Limitation of liability E

Encargopaq assumes no responsibility for the quality, quantity, brand or any other aspect of the goods or services that the customer acquires or obtains to be transported for its service. Any claim or dispute must be resolved directly with the seller or commercial establishment from which the customer obtained the merchandise or service. We do not accept any type of claims for merchandise acquired through www.ebay.com. We reserve the right to stop any merchandise that is suspected or identified that was acquired through a fraudulent or illegal transaction. The information obtained in these cases is provided to local and international authorities that monitor and combat online fraud. The responsibility of Encargopaq, in relation to any transported parcel, is limited to the monetary value. Encargopaq reserves the right to withhold or return to the supplier any package that comes from an illicit or fraudulent purchase.